Is paso robles safe?

Are you planning for a trip to Paso Robles winery bed and breakfast?

Are you worried about the post-COVID safety measures followed by the wineries? Then worry no more.

The below-profiled open the world article digs in some information that proves it is a safe weekend destination for your family, friends, or relatives. Read on to know more.

About Paso Robles

Paso Robles is a charming countryside in California, United States of America, known for its olive oil, natural hot water springs, local food, wine production, and serene wineries.

Wine Paradise?

The countryside has gained its historical significance due to its winemaking tradition for more than a century. The perfect tropical conditions make it suitable for wine production that results in wineries producing different grape breeds. The best Paso Robles wineries have scenic vineyards and creative wine tasting rooms that make it an idyllic hangout spot. 

Can I visit the wineries now?

Yes, you can, as the state has loosened some regulations laid on best wineries in Paso Robles from June 2020. It is undeniably a sweet report for all the grape juice lovers across America.

Safety Measures post-COVID

All the Paso Robles winery bed and breakfast providers abide by the new state regulations to ensure safety against the pandemic. You might experience a change in wine tasting experience due to the following,

  • Your favorite wineries stick to the social distancing protocols, which enables them only to permit a few visitors per day. Now, a group of only six members can visit the location.
  • The winery staffs wear a mask during the open hours.
  • They prohibit entry to those without a facemask. 
  • The best wineries in Paso Robles conduct outdoor tastings as suggested by the state. 

Some Recommended Paso Robles winery bed and breakfast spots

La Bellasera Hotel and Suites

The Mediterranean and Italian architecture inspired hotel has 60 elegant rooms that make it the perfect wine getaway. It has proximity to historical landmarks and scenic vineyards. Their signature wines are Chardonnay or Prosecco.

Summerwood Inn

Get immersed in the luxurious amenities and services of this modern farmhouse. The winery produces Bordeaux and American Rhone-style wines. You can relish farm-fresh breakfast and also sip their signature wines with seasonal starters and desserts.


It is a sixteen-room extravagant hotel at the city center square of Paso Robles. Cheval provides free breakfast, jazz music, a spa, and unique wine varieties. They specialize in preparing a customized itinerary for countryside wine trips for their guests.

The few other best wineries in Paso Robles are Croad Vineyards, Justin Winery, Halter Ranch, and Sculpterra Vinery.


The above-profiled open the world article narrates guidelines to be followed post-COVID. These are some general guidelines, and so it is recommended to check their websites for any reservations. Which are your favorite Paso Robles winery bed and breakfast destination? Make sure you visit them during your next visit to the best wineries in Paso Robles.