What is Google Data Studio?

What is Google Data Studio?

Introduction to the Google Studio:

Don’t you like to work with spreadsheets? But, wondering how to show your digital marketing effort to your clients? If so, Google Data Studio is here to help you. Now, you can create brandable and easy-to-understand reports to show your digital marketing effort to your clients in the way they are able to understand. Besides, you can also easily share the reports to everyone with whom you want to see this. By means of Google Data Studio’s share option, you can make users either to view the report or to edit the report.

How do Google Data Studio Work?

Google Data Studio is really a godsend gift for every digital marketer. It lessens their time and effort by allowing them to create and transform data into visual in a more understandable way. Moreover, it’s quite easy to use and the way it works is as follows,

Google Data Studio works by means of synchronizing with your Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google data, and much more. After creating the report or transform your data into avisual report, you can share with your clients and team members to make them understand what’s happening in your digital marketing effort. Once you’ve started creating reports with this platform, you can see numerous templates to use from. But, it’s best to use the blank template to create your first report as the built-in templates come up with many features and require time to cut-off. Moreover, if you choose the blank template, you can easily customize your report based on your specifications.

Here is the basic workflow of data studio,

Connect à Visualize à Share

This describes that,

This platform first connects to the single dataset and then allows transforming those data into a visual manner. Finally, you can share it with your clients, group of users, and collaborate in a real time.  For more learning, get free wso download.

Things to consider when you are using Google Data Studio:

There are more things that you need to consider while using this platform. However, the first thing you should look is whether you can connect to your data source easily or not. You can get more visualization on this platform and you are able to apply various dimensions and metrics without a mess. Besides, it allows you to create your custom metrics that you want.

The most awesome thing about Google Data studio is it’s absolutely free to use and you can create reports as much as you want.

The second beauty of this platform is its customization. Yes, it allows you to customize the reports in the way you need and as well as there is no restriction for using the canvas. Drag your items anywhere you want on the canvas of the Google Data Studio.

Did you know? This platform even allows the digital marketers to make their report better than ever by changing the format and style options of Google Data Studio.

With this awesome platform, there is no need to spend most of your time in creating visual data in various forms such as bar graph, line graph, pie chart, and so on. This is because it comes up with built-in charts so you just need to select and drop it on the canvas.

There are numerous connectors can be used on this platform such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, BigQuery, YouTube, MySQL or cloud SQL databases.

The most amazing feature of the Data Studio is it allows the users to create as many tables and charts they want. Like Google spreadsheets, you can share this studio report to everyone and as well as you can grant view and edit permissions consequently.

Unlike Google Analytics, the Google Data Studio is not using API so you can easily get access to your entire GA data easily at once.

Can I import information from social channels with the help of Google Data Studio? Why not? You can easily import any information you want from social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. But, the thing is you should pull the entire information from a Google Spreadsheet. Once you’ve entered the extracted information on the Google sheets, you can easily pull the data by means of Google data studio.


Building a visualized report becomes easy with the Google Data Studio. Turn your head towards to this platform to save your time in creating an understandable report with some other messy tools. Use this platform to create visualized data within a short time.

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