Mail Movie Is Indie-Spirited and Has Its Heart at The Right Place On Aha

Mail Movie Is Indie-Spirited and Has Its Heart at The Right Place On Aha

Mail is a beautiful movie that shows us the mindset of the small town people. Where they are so tender at heart and trust everything that is around their eyes. They are differently not smart enough to know what is the right mail and the wrong mail. This movie is all about one mail which has completed changed the life of the guy who has the aspirations to learn something and be a better person. This movie is the must watch for people who believe in their dreams and luck which is the add on. The latest Telugu movies online must be watched on aha only. Watch Mail movie online which is available on aha.


Mail is the movie which tells us that one stupi and fake thing will have the right to change our life. So let’s begin the story, Ravi is a small town college college going guy. He asks his father for the computer. His fathers almost dines to get him a computer and he joins some other course. He always thinks of the computer and to learn it. Then comes the Hybath, he gets the newly brought computer to the village of Ravi. Everyone gathers to see how computers work. Ravi goes around Hybath shop to ask him to teach how computer works. Finally he accepts and creates a mail id. Ravi gets super excited that he has an email account. He spreads his email id all over the college and village in different forms. He will be waiting for one mail for so many days. Then suddenly a strong wait one mail arrives which has changed his life and his friends life completely. Watch the mail movie to know what that mail is about.

 Technical Aspects:

  • This movie is a king of the story, it perfectly tries to tell us the story of a young man who aspires to be a computer engineer. The story is all about the foolishness of the small town people and luck favours them.
  • Mail has got a really amazing cast to be honest, he got the right people to play the right role. Everyone who has played the role has proved their talent in the right way including the fresh face on screen.
  • Background music could have been better, it looks little out of nature but it is not that noticeable or identified as a problem.
  • Mail is a good movie with good cinematography and other technical aspects, everything worked well for the movie from starting to end.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: HarshithMalgireddy

Actress: GouriPriya

Other Actors: Priyadarshi

Director: UdayGurrala

Producer: Priyanka Dutt, SwapnaDutt

DOP: UdayGurrala, ShyamDupati

Music Director: SweekarAgasthi

Editor: Hari Shankar TN

Background Music: Kamran

Other Information:

Release Date: January 12, 2021

Running Time: 116 mins

Genre: Comedy

Available On: Aha

 The latest Telugu movies must be watched on Aha only. Watch Mail movie online which is available on Aha.